The State of Flipping

Flipping and collecting have become virtually the same thing so far in 2021. Which sucks for everyone all around. I have always shopped at a combination of Target and Walmart for general groceries so I could get a chance at ripping a little retail. It seems if I want to rip retail in 2021 this is not the way to do things.

It first started with all of the basketball cards being taken and quickly spread like wildfire to everything else. At the end of 2020 I was still having good success with Hockey and Pokémon but even all of that has dried up completely. #TheHobby shelving units have been reduced to just overpriced Magic the Gathering cards.

This kind of activity just bites for everyone involved. The collectors don’t get their fix. The kids don’t get to discover at a half decent impulse price. Nobody wins.

I was at Target for cat food and I totally walked in on the party. I noticed the security guard immediately as I passed through the card aisle upfront. I thought it was odd but didn’t see any product or anyone around really. So I make my beeline to the back where I can get the cat food. I put around a bit but really just buy the cat food and make my way back up to self checkout which is on the other side of the card aisle. I get almost to the area and see a huge group of 20 people circled around a cart of product with the Target Manager handing out product. None of it hit the shelves. It was orderly but everyone got a little bit of everything…. Since I was late I asked about Topps Chrome Update Baseball and he pulled some from the back for me.

It is disgusting that I had to ask for it to get a chance at buying it. I haven’t seen any since. I walked away with 4 $15 boxes but for someone who builds the set every year that is not nearly enough. However I normally do so over a period of months with each trip to the store. But with how the flippers have been I have had to grab what I can when I can. Which just doesn’t fit my collecting style. The burnout will be unreal for new product soon as I really don’t get to my local shops as often as I would like to…

I see no end to this craziness. Which is sad.

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